Cocktail Napkins

Set of 4 Solid Napkins: $60

Set of 4 Fringe border: $65

Set of 4 Gingham Print: $75

(Pricing includes cost of Linen napkins)

Pricing by Size

0-5 Inches Tall: $15

5-8 Inches Tall: $25

8-9 Inches Tall: $35

9-12 Inches Tall: $50

(This Pricing applies to Large Towels, Shams, Shower Curtain,and Bed Linens)

Baby Items

Burp Cloth: $20

Bib: $20

Cotton Onesie: $20

Bloomers $25

We are happy to monogram your items or our own. Completion times usually range some where 10-15 days from the date the order is confirmed unless otherwise stated. Payment is currently Check, Cash or Venmo.

Guest/Kitchen Towel

1 Towel: $25 

2 Towels: $40

(Pricing includes cost of the towel)

Dinner Napkins

Set of 4 Napkins Provided by The Upstairs: $80

Set of 6 Napkins Provided by The Upstairs: $110

Set of 4 Napkins Provided by Client: $60

Set of 6 Napkins Provided by Client: $90

Additional Fees

Custom Design Fee: Starts $35

(Extra detailed designs
subject to higher pricing)

Rush fee (Less than a week): $15 (per item)

Same day fee: Triple the item

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